Guidelines for speakers

What are the seminars about ?

Seminars highlight current or past projects based on interesting application of EEG data analyses. Speakers are invited to emphasize both the scientific and the methodological aspects, providing sufficient details to understand data collection, data analysis pipeline and key implementation points. Seminars offer the opportunity to promote the use of existing softwares, toolboxes and codes for enhancing the use of common resources in the EEG community.

What is the target ?

The EEG platform seminars are attended by researchers of various backgrounds, including medicine, neuropsychology, engineering, physics and biology. Many of them are either familiar with EEG analysis methods or expert in the field.

Where and when ?

The seminars take place at the CHUV at the Auditoire de Beaumont (Avenue de Beaumont 29) or at other conference rooms in the main hospital building. They are usually on thursday at 4pm and last about an hour (half an hour talk plus discussion).